Indulge your interest in good food with an adult cooking class at Cucina Bambini. We cater to both grown-ups and children by offering classes from professional chefs and teachers. Fill out our contact form today to enroll yourself and your child in one of our cooking workshops.


Would you like to learn how to cook something new? Learn international cuisine, pastries, or other specialty foods in one of our classes.


You and your youngster can cook an entire meal, decorate a cake, or put the finishing touches on a gingerbread house in a family cooking class.


Throw a dinner party at our place and our chefs help you create a sumptuous feast. Invite your guests and each one takes part in making the meal, which you all share together.


Whether you are looking to just show your team how much you appreciate them, coming together in the kitchen is an amazing way to build camaraderie and boost team morale.


Pasta Workshop

Learn how to make our signature fettuccine pasta from scratch. We will dress our pasta with homemade marinara and alfredo sauces.

Lemon Macarons

Join us as we embrace the summer flavor of lemons in our macarons.

Cheese Ravioli and Chocolate Lava Cake

Come learn how to make fresh ravioli, 4 cheese filling, homemade marinara sauce, and chocolate lava cakes


If you can’t find an answer to your question in the FAQ below, click here to contact us directly.  You can also call or text 408-893-0890.

We have two kitchens, a main kitchen of about ~765 sq ft and a smaller kitchen of ~455 sq ft and two restrooms onsite. 

For our upcoming events, please first gauge what you are looking for (kids, adults, family friendly, camp, etc). Then go to our appropriate tab at the top of our site to either see the calendar with upcoming events or contact forms for further investigation of availability. 

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We try to work with your dietary restrictions as best we can, please let the party coordinator know of any of these restrictions before your event!

We have a shared parking lot behind our facilities, please do not park in the dedicated spots for the salon or Pilates spaces.