Yes, the kids will have time to eat everything the cook and decorate.

Yes, of course! We will have a table with a linen set up for you to place your items on. Please bring in any plates, cups or utensils for any outside food.

Yes, any outside decoration is totally acceptable! We will be writing their name on our birthday sign as well!

Yes, the kids will make the pizza or pasta from scratch and then decorate a pre-made cupcake while their meal cooks!

If you would like to, however we will have cupcakes for the kids to enjoy. Please bring in any plates and utensils for outside dessert.

Our goodie bags have a nice pizza cutter with our logo, a fun food straw, pizza stickers, food shaped erasers, gummies and lollipops!

If you don’t have anything to set up, coming on time is fine. Depending on how much you have to set up you can come up to 30 mins in advance. Please text 408-893-0890 if you would like to come any earlier than that.

The main (large) kitchen can hold up to 30 cooking guests, whereas the garden (smaller) kitchen can host up to 15 cooking guests. Any adults staying are welcome to hang around the kitchen or the lobby area.

Can’t find an answer to your question?  Use the form below to ask us directly.  You can also call or text 408-893-0890.